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    last update: 18 Oct 2014

also known as
Juan de Fermoselle
Juan del Enzina

Born: 12 Jul 1468 near Salamanca, Spain
Died: late 1529 or early 1530 in León, Spain
(final illness Dec 1529;
will presented 14 Jan 1530)
Juan del Encina
(details coming "soon")
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A short selection of his work is below...
Titlesecularsacredavailable in
Ay que non hay! x NWC or MIDI
Congoxa más que cruel x NWC or MIDI
¡Cucu, cucu! x NWC or MIDI
Daca, bailemos x NWC or MIDI
Fata la parte x NWC or MIDI
Levante, Pascual, levante x NWC or MIDI
No se puede llamar x NWC or MIDI
Partistes os mis amores x NWC or MIDI
Pues que jamás olvidaros x NWC or MIDI
¿Qu'es de ti, desconsolado? x NWC or MIDI
Romerico tú que vienes x NWC or MIDI
Todos los bienes del mundo x NWC or MIDI

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