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    last update: 18 Oct 2014

Born: c.1485-1490 probably in the Piedmont near Turino, Italy
Died: 10 Apr 1545 in Italy
Costanzo Festa
Mentioned by Rabelais (1494-1553) in Book IV of Gargantua and Pantagruel (written 1552), little is known of him prior to 1514.
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A short selection of his work is below...
Titlesecularsacredavailable in
Afflitti spirti miei x NWC or MIDI
Ah che vuoi pi cruciar m'amor x NWC or MIDI
Altro non 'l mi'amor x NWC or MIDI
Ingiustissimo Amor
(lyrics by Ludovico Ariosto)
Lieto non hebbi x NWC or MIDI
Madonna, io mi consumo x NWC or MIDI
Quando ritrovo la mia pastorella x NWC or MIDI
Quel dolce foco x NWC or MIDI
Si come sete bella x NWC or MIDI
Tanta beltad' in voi x NWC or MIDI
Venite Amanti x NWC or MIDI

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