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    last update: 18 Oct 2014

Born: c. 1563 possibly in Truro, Cornwall, England
Died: 25 Nov 1640 in Grub Street, Cripplegate, London, England
Giles Farnaby
Cousin of Nicholas Farnaby (c. 15601630), virginal maker. At this time, 'virginal' was a generic word that included the entire family of plucked keyboard instruments: the harpsichord, virginal, muselar and doubtless the clavichord, and it is for these instruments that Farnaby's compositions are best known.

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A short selection of his work is below...
Titlesecularsacredavailable in
Among The Daffadillies x NWC or MIDI
Ay Me, Poor Heart! x NWC or MIDI
Blind Love Was Shooting x NWC or MIDI
Carters, Cast Down x NWC or MIDI
Consture My Meaning x NWC or MIDI
Daphne On The Rainbow x NWC or MIDI
Lady, The Silly Flea x NWC or MIDI
Lady, When I Behold Your Passions x NWC or MIDI
Love Shooting Among Many x NWC or MIDI
Love, Shooting At Another x NWC or MIDI
My Lady's Coloured Cheeks x NWC or MIDI
Pearce Did Dance With Petronella x NWC or MIDI
Pearce Did Love Fair Petronel x NWC or MIDI
Phillida Bewailed x NWC or MIDI
Simkin Said That Sis Was Fair x NWC or MIDI
Some Time, She Would x NWC or MIDI
Susanna Fair x NWC or MIDI
The Curtain Drawn x NWC or MIDI
The Wavering Planet x NWC or MIDI
Thrice Blessed Be The Giver x NWC or MIDI
Witness, Ye Heavens x NWC or MIDI

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