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    last update: 24 Oct 2014

also known as
William Cornysh the Younger
also spelled Cornyshe or Cornish
Born: ca. 1465
Died: 10 September 1523 in Hylden Manor, Kent, England
William Cornysh
(details coming "soon")
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A short selection of his work is below...
SopranoAlto IAlto IITenorBassFull Score
Full Score
Adieu! Mes amours x x x x x x
Ah, Robin, Gentle Robin x x x x x
Blow thy horn, Hunter x x x x x
Hoyda, hoyda, jolly Rutterkin x x x x x
Mannerly Margery Milk and Ale x x x x x

SopranoAltoTenorBassFull Score
Full Score
Ave Maria Mater Dei x x x x x x

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