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    last update: 18 Oct 2014

also known as
Thomas Batson
Thomas Betson

Born: 1570 - 1575
Died: 1630
Thomas Bateson
He is said to have been organist of Chester cathedral in 1599, and is believed to have been the first musical graduate of Trinity College, Dublin. He served as Vicar Choral and organist of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin from 1609 until his death.

Thomas Bateson is known to have written church music, but only one of his anthems has survived, a seven-voice composition entitled Holy, Lord God Almighty. His fame rests on madrigals, which give him an important place among Elizabethan composers. He published a set of madrigals in 1604 and a second set in 1618, and both collections have been reprinted in recent years. He died in 1630.
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A short selection of his work is below...
Titlesecularsacredavailable in
Ah, Cupid grant that I may never see x NWC or MIDI
Dame Venus hence to Paphos go x NWC or MIDI
Down From Above x NWC or MIDI
Hark, Hear You Not? x NWC or MIDI
If Love Be Blind x NWC or MIDI
Phyllis, Farewell x NWC or MIDI
Those Sweet, Delightful Lillies x NWC or MIDI
When Oriana Walk'd x NWC or MIDI
Whither So Fast x NWC or MIDI
Who Prostrate Lies x NWC or MIDI
Your Shining Eyes x NWC or MIDI

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