About Editorial Comments
by Brian Peter Russell

I have received several letters asking why I haven't included editorial markings such as dynamics, stresses and the like. There are several reasons, but the most important is they are just that: EDITORIAL. Many directors will alter them anyway.

But I would like to say a few words about accents and barring.  The bar-lines shown here are really not intended to be the definitive guide to accenting syllables in the text. The accents as generally wonted are those of normal speech in the language it was written in, even when on a normally unaccented beat of the measure. That's because although we now view bar lines as normative (and use them to indicate where accents should normally be placed), they were nearly unknown in the Renaissance, and so there was really no such thing as a second or fourth beat of a measure.

Thus, the bar lines shown in the music on this site are guidelines which may be of assistance, but should never be seen as solely authoritative. Other editors may disagree on placement of bar lines usually based on which parts they feel carry more melodic material.

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