About the Webteam
by RC Sharp

Having taken over the site after Ciaran's death (sorry, he'll always be Ciaran to me), I'll be keeping to his vision of it as best I can while adding further material with the aid and musical knowledge of friends and acquaintances of his (this means you, too!).

Some of the things I plan to add in addition to expanding the 'Composers' section (these are more 'notes to self' than anything...) are prints of lyrics in original languages and translations of lyrics into English, a section on period instruments with pictures and sound clips, and a section of sillinesses ('You know you're a music nerd when...').

If you have something you'd like to suggest or contribute, be it an article, a portrait, a giggle-maker, whatever, please feel free to send it to me. I'll acknowledge article by-lines and joke authorship/contributorship on the appropriate pages but portrait acknowledgments, etc., will be made here to keep things 'clean' looking.

My thanks to ....

Julie Strozyk (Giuliana Benevoli), an artist in her own right as a Storyteller, was Ciaran's life partner for many years and let me into Ciaran's computer to glean anything that even looked like he meant to have it on the website. She covers the domain name cost, too. Without all that (and her permission, too), this site wouldn't have happened...

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